<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="65001"%> 6/17/08 Mosaic Table


This is a Mahogany table made with Cabriole legs and a 475 piece mosaic of Jarrah, Lacewood, Zebrano, Curly Red Oak and Walnut.  In all, there are 498 pieces of wood in this table and no metal. 



This is a Mortar and Pestle that I made for someone who gave me some homemade hot sauce and spicy dust.  She and her boyfriend harvested over 33,000 peppers of 17 species last year down in Maryland.  They make a sauce and rub called Booty Heat.  It has a picture of a pirate with fire coming out his butt and the quote:  "Arrrrrggggghhh, Me arse is on fire Matey."  Being from near Buffalo, I've tried many a hot sauces, but this is the best- it's really hot, but it maintains great flavor.  And the spicy dust goes on anything.  This piece is made of Walnut, Bloodwood and a pestle of Purple Heart.


My buddy ran into an elderly gentleman at the local craft shop who was looking for someone to make a wood burning for a gift for his buddy who's a realtor.  He just wanted the sign to say, "That's a Beautiful Thing!"- a saying of his.  My buddy gave him my number, and I whipped this up for him.  While it's not much, he liked it a lot.