<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="65001"%> 6/17/08 Bowls and Burls


Below is a round box of Amboyna Burl.  This is a beautiful and expensive wood that comes from the Godforsaken lands of Cambodia and Burma.  I left a little of the bark on the edge of the top and inserted a stone.



This is a clock that came about after I made a mistake that needed to be covered up with the piece of walnut.  The sides are Padauk and the curved wood is Fiddleback Maple.  Because it looks a bit like a surrealistic King's throne, it's sort of my homage to Salvador Dali, except that instead of melting, the clock tells time. I imagine Dali asking the king (or the bartender) what time it is and the king saying: "It's probably time to stop drinking the absinthe Sal." I kid. We're all glad Dali drank a lot of absinthe.

This is the finest piece of Cocobolo I've ever worked with.  Normally Cocobolo has a lot of cracks and rarely ever the coloring that this piece has.  I worked a bit of sap wood into the rim of the bowl and left the rim thick because of the incredible detail.  Other than oil and tacos, this wood is the best thing that comes from Mexico.