<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="65001"%> 5/16/07 Cheese Platters


I made this specially for a friend who'd always wanted something of Spalted Maple.  I'd been resistant to turn this wood because, having used it on my kitchen pantry, I'd known it is volatile, it moves a lot, it's unstable, and it invariably has cracks.  Nevertheless, making it into a cheese and cracker tray means the cracks don't make it useless.  While turning it, it changed shape, due to absorbing moisture unevenly, even before I was even finished with my roughest course of sand paper. 


this is cheesey

stinky cheese

This is a large cheese platter made from the dense and hard Mora wood.


mmm cheese

This is a Purple Heart platter that I had photographed before it had darkened into its true purple.  This is what it looks like after having darkening from UV light.

mmm cheese